Heynumber iOS App & branding


The idea of creating an app for drivers was born around 2012. Several similar apps existed at that time already: generic driver’s social network with a feed, messages & map. The goal was to create something better than that.

My first attempt began with a feed view. New features were getting born as I worked more and more on the prototype.

Initial prototype (v1)

The more I worked on the app, the more features were added. I felt as if exactly this or that feature was super valuable and important.

Finally, I had designed all possible screens. It became just another social network for drivers with bunch of features. Was it better than the competitor’s? I doubt that now.

Final prototype (v1)

At some point I realized — it’s a fail. Nobody wants another social network, that is supposably better. I tried to rethink the concept, asked myself a single question: what is the only feature I would keep in the app? I went back to the original idea — ability to find & communicate with people by searching their licence plate number. To create a connection between offline & online profile. So, here we go…

First wireframe (v2)

Keeping just three main sections: my profile, search & guests. The app lets you do one thing — attach your license plate number to your social profile. Then find who’s driving next to you or stuck in a jam. No feed, map or chat. Wanna chat? — you can do that through the social network a person has attached himself to.

Final wireframe (v2)

The admin backend is simple as well. Although it disappeared later, replaced by mixpanel.

Then we started to think about the naming. The criteria for a perfect name was: 1) makes sense 2) domain available in .com zone 3) pronounceable in russian. Few days later “heynumber.com” name was found.

Branding ideas

It did not take make too long to design all the app screens in Sketch App. By the way, I used to be a big fan on Fireworks until Adobe decided to quit upgrading it.

Final app screens

No more wasting time. Developer is given a task to begin the app development process. Unfortunately, we took a wrong path when began the development. Since we wanted to create both Android and iOS apps, we settled on ionic framework and lost several weeks because of that trying to make it work with native facebook login. Native Xcode aproach was chosen later on.

A friendly dog driving a car is obviously funny, but real person would make more appeal. So, I conducted a quick photoshoot and finally get the desired result. Prepared all the assets for multiple iPhone screens & facebook app.

Finally designed all the AppStore screenhots in different sizes. Took quite a while…

Responsive landing page is ready.

So, what did we get in the end? Here’s the iOS app.

Below is a screencast of a real app. What’s next? Not sure. Currently we are analyzing the behaviour & retention rate through mixpanel. Few months later we’ll draw a conclusion & decide whether should keep updating it or leave in current state.

Live app demo