responsive website


As a founder of, I was always trying to explain to our potential customers the importance of having their website mobile-friendly. Thus the first website (2012) had a lot of info about the stats, the advantages, forecasts. The communation chain looked like this: “what is a mobile website > why should have one > why eskimobi’s technology rules > view completed projects > ask for quote”.

A few years went by, the mobile internet audience grew up to 40% vs 60% on desktop. More potential clients became aware of the mobile friendly problem. Plus, we’ve completed over 80 projects by now. So I decided to simplify the communication strategy and focus on a simple message “here are the top clients who trust us > request a quote”.

Initial wireframe

Final wireframe

Live website

Animated project stages and video previews of mobile website features help better understand the advantages of eskimobi’s services.

The site is responsive and looks great on mobile also.